About us

Qingdao Yongwang woodworking machinery adheres to “the technology innovation, rely on quality well-known, by the good faith management”, over decade of development, the group company owns 28,000 square meter of production scale. Besides, it has abundant technique strength, full range of testing method and two professional production lines of woodworking machinery, so can fulfill the order of production. Specialized in the production of all kinds of high quality woodworking machinery, the company strong technical force, perfect management. Yongwang series woodworking machine products mainly include all kinds of precision panel saw (sliding table saw) series, edge banding machine series, wood boring machine series. The product structure reasonable, perfect function, sell well in the whole country, and exported to Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Spain and other countries, own the trust of regional customers.
From products to service, Yongwang as woodworking machinery manufacturing professional manufacturers, not marketing hard, down-to-earth, rigid pursue, unremitting efforts, we in the production at the same time, close to sales, service and support all work together. Yongwang may depend on customer demand to provide whole plant planning, can provide the proper production process required design, can provide mechanical daily operation maintenance skills training.
Yongwang people firmly believe that "the customer is always right" principle of service, rely on "the three first-class" the management idea, by the first-class products, first-class talents, first-class service, we meet the needs of the new and old customers, Yongwang of high-quality customer service staff will always stand in customer's position, quality service and the best customer service support, "the good faith service, the pursuit of excellence", as the customer forever good partner, we face the future with great strides.




Foreign trade:0532-83113366

Service phone:15192762177

Sales hotline:15954816451


Zip code:266000

Add:Wangtai Industrial Park, Huangdao,Qingdao

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